Deciphering The Gospels
Proves Jesus Never Existed

It was the Gospels that inspired belief in a human Jesus, not a human Jesus that inspired the Gospels.


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"[Deciphering the Gospels'] evidence and conclusions are more convincing than those of the most famous mainstream scholar’s book defending Jesus’s historicity. " -Tom Dykstra

"This fascinating book is, among other things, a welcome sign that Christ Mythicism has become a true subfield of New Testament scholarship" -Robert M. Price

"Anyone interested in the evolution of Jesus as a world figure should find much here to chew on. An original and well-executed addition to the Christ myth theory canon." -Kirkus

"New Approach and First Rate Argument for the Christ Myth Theory." -Neil Godfrey

"Compelling Argument That There Was Never a Jesus on Earth" -Amazon review

"The book is remarkable for what it achieves: it really does prove that Jesus Christ never existed" -Amazon review

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